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"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."

  • -Mary Catherine Bateson

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What is a 'Real Man'?

December 18, 20232 min read

What is a 'Real Man'?

What is a real man?

In the quest to define what it means to be a "true man," we find ourselves delving into the labyrinthine depths of the psyche, exploring the territory Carl Jung famously navigated. The concept of a real man is not just an external archetype but a reflection of the inner alchemy of masculinity.

We must consider what propels us towards what society deems as "success." Beneath this drive lies a complex network of hidden shadows, an unconscious realm where many unacknowledged truths and fears reside. This is the consciousness Jung spoke of, the vast, often unexplored territory of our inner selves.

It's crucial to approach this exploration not from a stance of victimhood, nor to cast blame upon the women who have boldly claimed their power and soared to new heights. Instead, we must recognize that often, we men are architects of our own imprisonment in these limiting narratives.

In this journey of introspection, we confront our shadow selves, the parts of us that remain unseen, unacknowledged. Here lies the crux of our thoughts and beliefs about masculinity.

What do we, as men, truly seek? Is it safety, security, or certainty? Do we define strength in traditional terms, or is there a deeper, more nuanced understanding of it? And what of success - how do we quantify it?

Yet, consider the possibility that a man might yearn for uncertainty, a fervent pursuit of passion, alignment, connection, and a life imbued with meaning. Could it be that the very notion of being "manly" is the most significant barrier holding us back?

Imagine if we could break free from the collective consciousness and the limiting beliefs about what it means to be a man. What if we embraced something radically different - ourselves, in our entirety?

Our desires, emotions, passions, and dreams - what if these became the new metrics for our lives? What if we let go of the need for certainty and security, and instead pursued the fiery call of our souls?

Imagine redefining strength not by external measures but by our ability to live authentically, without masks, seamlessly transitioning between roles - worker, husband, father - and finding success in aligning with our true purpose.

And what if, in a bold act of defiance against the societal norms, we ceased all comparisons, eschewing the proverbial "dick measuring" entirely?

Women have been leading this charge towards inner power, and it's time for us men to join the movement. We are on our way to meet them, not in competition, but in celebration at the summit of self-realization.

To the men who are hesitating, waiting for permission to chase their dreams, consider this your clarion call. Embrace the journey, the "Happy Hunting," of your true self, beyond the shadows and into the light of your own unique, authentic masculinity.

Always walking the journey with you,


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Joshua Hamilton

Joshua Hamilton, The Travelling CEO - Drives men towards Clarity, Certainty and Confidence in their Business and Relationships.

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